Inspirations/ Mixed

Onyx Mosaic Tile


1.Product information:


Stone medallion and mosaic cut by water jet from natural colorful stone, fit together and mounted on mesh or tiles by experienced worker, can be various colors,patterns and sizes,suitable for indoor and outdoor space. 


1.Demension of Mosaic sheet :

a) 30.5x30.5cm ( 12''x12'' )

b) 40x40cm ( 16''x16'' )

c) 45.7x45.7cm ( 18''x18'' )

d) 60x60cm ( 24''x24'' )

e) Thickness : 10mm(3/8''); 12mm(1/2''); 20mm(3/4'')

f ) Cut-to-size or any other customized sizes available.

2.Chip Size

a). 20/10x10mm

b). 15x15mm

c). 20x20mm

d). 25x25mm

e). 30x30mm

f). Any other customized sizes are available